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Dandruff and Dreads.

No one warns you about dandruff before you move to the desert. I feel like my skin is cracking and my scalp is peeling off. It’s pretty gross.  It’s cold again in the desert, which means that bucket baths/washing my hair is back down to a bare minimum.  I’m fairly sure my hair is starting to dread itself, which is cool because I’ve always wanted dreads.

Thanksgiving was a great time, a few friends from the north came down to escape the snow.  The PCV couple in my souk town was gracious enough to host Thanksgiving in their house, we had a large good group of people and a ton of food which included a 30lb turkey (AWESOME) and all the traditional sides…plus the fried rice I made.   Yeah, I could have made something more “traditional” but honestly Thanksgiving needs a little bit more diversity.  I did it right this year, by which I mean I took a nap after I ate dinner, then I  ate dessert,  then I took another nap.  The only downfall was the 7km walk back to my other site mates’ house at night. I was whining the whole way how un-American it was to exercise on Thanksgiving.

Work is work. I hate writing about work because I spend so much of my time thinking about work here. So let’s just say that work is work and that’s that. 

This is how I feel every day when I talk to people:


Also, I have less than 5 months left.  Sometimes it’s hard to believe I’ve been here for around 21 months. But then I look at my feet and realize I can’t remember what my feet clean looked like, and then 21 months seems about right.


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